How to create a brand with a distinctive identity for a company that wants to offer its services to a target that they have never approached before?

DGM is a company that produces cold printing solutions on many different types of surfaces obtaining perfect color rendering, as also the ability to reproduce the highest level of texture on the final finish.

DGM’s request was to create an ad hoc brand offering this service not only to companies in the ceramic sector, a sector they deal with continually, as also the world of architects and interior designers.

We started by identifying the reason why behind the new brand, of great interest to a demanding target sector, always looking for innovative solutions in the realization of their ideas.

The concept of the brands positioning was therefore identified to be that of a “creativity amplifier“,  providing the possibility to create any graphic design on a variety of surfaces that include both traditional materials such as ceramic tiles as also metals, wood, leather etc. Thus enabling the designer or architect to create coverings or floors without creative limitations.

This is why the naming was also carefully chosen to be in line with the essence of the new brand. SODAI, in fact, means “to amplify” in Japanese. A profound concept that echoes of a world in which tradition and innovation have always coexisted to create new experiences.

In addition to the brand identity we followed the process of internationalization and opening towards the Asian markets for Sodai, organizing a tour with architects and interior design studios throughout China and Singapore.